Saturday, June 12, 2010


It is the vicious cycle of poverty that has stemmed from the meagre investment that our insanely irresponsible ruling ministers have made into the rural system. Inspite of the fact that 64.5% of our total population depend solely on Agriculture ( 2001census),UPA II`s report pitifully registers a decline in total expenditure on rural economy from 3.34% of the GDP `08-`09 to 2.59% of the GDP in 2010-11.

Praveen Jha (The Honorary Economic Advisor to the Centre for Budget & Governance Accountability) rightly states on the emphasize that UPA II has put on the augmentation of urban infrastructure…"seems to be based on the premise that even though the bulk of the country lives & works in villages, India is rapidly urbanizing."!!

An investment of Rs.1 crore in roads lifts as many as 1,650 poor people above the poverty line. With such reports (from International Food Policy Research Institute) before eyes and with all those manifestoes bearing pro-poor commitments in mind, one wonders, how such dismal state of countryside urges the Government to inject 23% increased allocation into the construction of National Highways while it`s only 6% for the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana !

With the heart of India residing in the quagmire of villages, with blood flow being restrained at every instances, it is fanciful to expect the emergence of a healthy India, besides, it leaves an enormous space to be apocryphal about the worthiness of UPA`s effort in ``Bharat Nirman``.