Sunday, September 6, 2009

Can't do without ID ?

the man imagining india to prosper as the youngest country in the aging world with its demographic dividend,concentrated mostly in the northern part of india,is now all set to shape his imaginations with his own hand.the technocrat,Nandan Nilekani, has made his way into the governance as the chairman of the Unique Identification Authority Of India (UIDAI) with the applause resonating in the IT sector.
his task of providing, compulsarily,the multipurpose ID cards to all indians (citizens & non-citizens) aimed at combating insurgency,illegal migrations and better targeting of the government's development schemes sounds good to ear.but when we get to hear reports of inexecution or abandonment of similar ID card system in U.K,U.S,Austrlia...the reticence of the heart urges our brain to make the grey cells work over it.
this system of maintaining an electronic database was borrowed just after the kargil war for the people residing on and around the was planned & triggerd by the NDA in 2003 and again in 2009 it was carried forward by the UPA under a new name of MNIC project .
what is more intriguing about this is the causes for which other countries have shelved this project till date. the most important reason has been the alleged violation of public safety and civi liberty.the information stored in such cards can be put to misuses for various purposes.according to london school of economics, card system might even be a cause for a greater incidence of identity theft...technologically precarious & could itself become a target for attacks by terrorists.

The claimed better functioning of governmental developing programmes by the use of ID cards is a mere gibberish to me.poverty alleviation progarammes in India is very much inefficient and that,we all know,is not due to lack of locating the actual needy persons in india , but because of the lack of personal efforts,willingness,sincerity, initiative and above all the crassness of all of our ministers and profit making bureaucrats in the a country where if we take the streets we can find beggars squatting at the road side,where faulty public distribution system (PDS) pass the lion's share of the tangible benefits (procured from the welfare schemes) on to the hands of the non-BPL HOSEHOLDS....implementation of such a sophisticated system is a bit too early.

such execution of high cost (1.5 lakh crore),low benefit project in haste,without scrutinizing more thoroughly & giving a second thought to the unforeseen disaster it may invite,to the causes that lead to the annulment of ID projects in the modern countries,may lead to the failure of "the ideas in progress" (as stated by Mr.Nilekani at california TED conference).at this sensitive point,where India is standing now, we can not afford to lose more resources of our country both,in terms of money and men.