Wednesday, November 25, 2009

26/11 let continued…

Lesson learnt from this one year session of “self-assessment” is now ready for a revision across the table of high pitched futile bickering (called ‘debate’). What we experienced 1 year back, from lighting candles in commemoration to all the lives spared, to the rumination of some of the terrible and heinous (and till date unreported) incidents by some more of the witnesses, all is set to recur. With media pondering over the ‘change’, that the aftermath was supposed to bring into the system,…by bringing the people of high rank and profile forward for all these days is only helping us to freshen up our memories and to perch in darkness and despair deeper and graver (after understanding that all mesmerizing speeches of the leaders of our country has gone into vain and we are still that vulnerable as we were 1 year back). With Idea users getting an innovative call from Abhishek Bachchan for “call for India”, others are rummaging to lay their hands onto some thing more unique! The sudden briskness in the lazy-dazy security forces all around and the news of any tangible share of the assurance (compensation) failing to reach out to the hundreds of bereaved masses made me aware of the fact that The Anniversary is around the corner.

Given that Mumbai police commissioner has admitted to the procedural lapses and the laxity in the security forces at the eve of the anniversary we can expect the security to be beefed up for the next couple of days. And then just when the common man will look content with the arrangements, all the security (in real terms) is going to be vanished! Few days later the inane, jerky luggage checking procedure at malls and metros will be ridiculed by that common man… the show of security personnel, busy ensuring the safety of their passengers at stations, checking with no metal detectors but with their hyper-touch sensitive hands (that too from the outside of bags) will be amusing enough for the common man to earn derision over it… the youth will find it very challenging to defy the safety rules, dodge the security at the airport and carry matchsticks, cigarettes on board… the unclaimed luggage will go unreported. a few more days later our mental censor will cease to act altogether. And then one fine morning (or evening or night) a handful of young boys will barge into another city, terrorize and hold the lives of millions to ransom… Because it was them who remained awake while our nation slept. Swept by deluge of criticism and strong fervor to do some thing for the country the common man will start a new era by lighting up few more candles and then not knowing what to do next, will simply let the zeal die down, thinking its upon the revival of the good sense of home minister that their future rests.

The new era of course is then created but with the same anatomical and architectural plan & no one lived happily ‘ever’ after.