Monday, August 31, 2009


After having passed my idle 30days in sloth,looming my eyes allover the pages in newspaper,all throughout the month,these are all what I had in my list to write about:-

1.The presage of the much touted transfer of power in the BJP’s leadership and the inevitable skirmishes that is ought to follow in aftermath.then the jaswant singh's book on jinnah and his expulsion from the party...followed by his saintly attitude in several interviews akin to "Father,forgive them for they do not know, what they have done." raised such hue and cry all over the india, drawing deluge of expertise from across the world to the debate table, that ultimately doused my interest in reading the then i almost got the idea of its content!

2.The frisking of SRK at US airport that gave the news channels its second big issue to telecast all throughout the day and night….for no less than 3days was more bugging and painful than even the 26/11’s 3 days horrendous show.To my surprise I found how these media persons sought their satellite’s help to reinstate the stature of VIP’s and justify the unreasonable privileges meted out to them here in India and claimed the same from the rest of the world.I thought to use this platform to raise consciousness about the fact that,whether ‘Khan’ or not,if you are a celebrity you except yourself to be treated as a direct descendant of God as if these people never commit crimes.(take Monica Bedi,Sanjay Dutt and hundreds of other accused in big and small cases as siblings of God for example).Many argued that such superhuman gestures should be arranged only for politicians not for the other ‘stars’.I simply gave up the idea of raising consciousness among my countrymen as by now,I have already came to know that its only us who make them stars,who make them feel stars,give birth to debates,dirty bickering only to bestow their leaders with more and more powers, clout with each other to raise the VIP status for their leader and even perish in the process sometimes.

3.With Swine flu taking its regular toll on life,came the vedic village massacre which left the worms of dirty Bengal politics crawl out in open.The involvement of both ruling and opposing party’s men revealed in the melee and the much rarely seen silence of Mamata Banerjee signified the first lesson of ‘Unity in Diversity’ of the Secular,Democratic India…."Sobe mile kari kaj/ Hari jeeti nahi laaj”.

All failed miserably to make me emote, until today when I spotted CPI(M) in another ridiculous as well as annoying act trying hard to snatch the limelight over from Mamata onto itself.

In commemoration to food movement,Biman Bose(the state secretary) has arranged a ‘massive rally ’at the heart of Kolkata.His act of kindness is marked by his prior warnings where he has encouraged all office goers,school goers to confine themselves at homes(& embrace CPI(M)’s today's act and cherish the life of 80 massacred in police firing on this day 50years ago).He even asked schools to rung their final bells before time.Oh!what a salute to those 80 protesters!!Well its in Bengal that all the dramas are taking place regularly and providing me with all the raw materials to continue with my blogging.Avoid Kolkata from 9a.m. to 5p.m. is the statutory warning as the city is expected to witness a massive turn up.

Sitting in my car stationed at the roadside just before 2nd Hooghly bridge,I can see Tata Sumos,lories,trucks,buses loaded with supporters,decked with festoons and placards of various sprouting organizations speeding towards the city with all enthusiasm to smother another working day and bring all markets before Puja at stake.A bus halted near to us.People celebrating in and 'above' the bus got off.I went up to them.Chat with few of them and when I asked what this fuss is all about…one replied "khabar dabar nie akta kyachal hoechilona?amader jete boleche….Sobha ache…jachi”(well,I don’t really want to put the English translation of it here, as that would prevent from disseminating the impoverishment of the state to some extent though).

This movement,according to Biman Bose,is also a protest against the steady rise in prices of food commodities and for the sake of which trucks employed in the rally duty will only help to aggravate the crisis,hit the supply chain for the day and will end up with affecting food prices further.

among all these utter nuisance,our gasping C.M,falling short of catching his rival (though didi) every time,has called the naming of new metro stations by the name of eminent personalities a 'tamasha' & that we can say with certainty is purely out of despairingness which in turn has helped them only to gather a whole lot of 'tamasha' for the party itself,in the aftermath of his speech.

Therefore,it is to the ruling red party to whom goes all the credit for being so considerate,taking care of our recreation,entertainment and securing us with topic to prattle over, while sitting inside our homes to celebrate another no work day!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

exploited indians

i believe the restoration of the composite dialogue process between india and pakistan has brought complete ignominy to the martyrs of 26/11,to the indian defence force and to the houses of the thousands of victims.whatever may the diplomatic thesis of "trust but verify" is deployed to justify mr.manmohan singh's act.i,personally,feel his attempt,at this point of time,[when he himself is not satisfied by the half-hearted dossier handed over to him by mr. gilani nor by any 'credible' action undertaken by the pakistan government against the day's perpetrators] to reinstate an amicable ambience with pakistan by (even) lending them undue grounds for their balochistan issue to thrive,is really something to be scoffed at.this drive us to belive that the stunt of UPA ,in the pre election period, to stall all negotiations with pakistan was entirely from a strategic point of view rather than any sympathetic point...that ultimately helped them amass thousand of votes from the bereaved masses.

the excerpt of the above post can be viewed at the following link ('frontline' magazine):