Saturday, May 23, 2009


The couple of news on which my eyes got stuck today,early in the morning,with a cup of tea in my hand has “literally”got me refreshed as both of the news have been looming on my mind for rest of the day.
One was the effort to nip the adolescent smoking in the bud by making use of the zero period,ie,usually designed for extra curricular classroom activities,and the other was deployment of the civil dressed policemen in the campus to curb ragging(periodically) and drug peddling and other antisocial activities.The programme has found its first footing in New Delhi and Chennai and the latter one in Himachal Pradesh Educational institutions.
The recognition of the problems and endeavour to mend it reaching into the core of the menace must earn some applause for the law enforcing agencies,the ministers,public health foundations etc.Taking liquor,drugs,smoking seems possible to be brought under control for the teenagers as this evil practice starts hardly from class VI or VII due to an urge to quench their curiosity.So if at the onset of such thinking,teachers can lay the bars in their brains with strong foundations(with everyday session),then such thoughts cannot breach into their mind.But what is more alarming and seems non rectifiable is the ragging.If we analyse the reasons for which the seniors commit such inhuman atrocities on their juniors,we will find it is not them,but the education system which is to be blamed.I vindicate the wrong doers based on the fact that its the materialistic education which has taught them no ethical or moral values.Otherwise students of such elite institutions like IIT could never beat their juniors to death.i can site few of the examples successively happened within one month of 2003 that came into limelight...such as:IIT Delhi expelled five senior students for they were found indulged in ragging of a fresher,who left the college as a dishonourly few days a student of pune Institute quit being compelled by some alike situation & in the same month (august) gruesome incident took place in an engineering college in Jalpaiguri where the victim was admitted to a hospital after being subjected to a night long physical torture (by iron rods and cycle chain)carried out by some drunken seniors on refusal to strip before them. Millions of students of India are not taught the basic philanthropic and moral values.Academic qualification,alone,is of no value.Our education system has completely failed,from hoary past to cultivate good citizens.

Thus this problem is deep rooted as a man’s character starts building up from the nursuries.we know that the whole architecture of the system can not be reformed its better to start the initiatives in our homes to impart a lesson on humanity to our 'today' than to wait for some miracle to happen 'tomorrow'.a healthy start is what needed very badly right now as it is the only persistent solution i can envisage.

However the strict vigil that the government has planned to arm the institutions,now, with may serve the cause for a few while.But still commendable.

Monday, May 18, 2009

party's tussle

unfortunately,the organised,disciplined communist party of india is now barely displaying the rift within them over the issue of party's debacle in the 2009 loksabha election.instead of coming together & facing the charges and submitting themselves to the public grievances (which they have given birth to),the party men are now indulging themselves in the game of passing the ball of blame from one's court to another.will that really help when its the team that has faced the rout?

the major probable reasons of their defeat that the party must not overlook now[atleast] and should go into assessing every nook & cranny of it are:
alienation from masses since 2006 approximately,giving up of the basic ideals of marxism,ousting of somnath chatterjee ,abrupt withdrawl of its support from the list of allies of the UPA(on the civilian nuclear deal issue) without being able to reach out the reason behind this action to the masses successfully,inadequate propagation of the demerits of the nuclear deal,the agony and the harrowing time span with the forward block triggering disunity within the party,party's excesses in nandigram,singur and bullying the population of purulia,medinipur areas by arm powers,on the contrary the poor act of resilience and reluctance of handling some serious matters [like the nano project in singur,claim for gorkhaland in darjeeling,innumerable bandhs and call for illegal road blockades in the state by the oppositions] with brain and brawn togetherly,the brinkmanship of karat etc.they failed in gaining the popular support (as is evident from the very recent polls outcome) because they deployed force to tackle the situation where it was unnecessary and could have been dealt with diplomacy,but in places where the situation demanded ruthless action to mitigate the actions of the oppositions,they and their police kept mum.this evidently displays a 'weak' governance and above all the wrongfully enacted party policies.but now,as the elections are over,what is more dissapointing is,instead of surgical removal of flaws within (after thorough scrutiny),they are now ready with daggers drawn at each other.

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Monday, May 11, 2009


The people in america are simply being hoodwinked by the 80 days acting president obama.the americans are oblivious and are enthralled by the puffery of "yes we can", & "change we can believe in".but obama more or less following the same footmark of marciless butchery set by the former president(george w bush) in afghanistan.obama's war strategy with them (better known as obama's 'surge') is not at all a 'redefinition' or any revolution but is a mere rectification of the vocabulary used in times of bush.the "good war" strategy (against the taliban) is nothing more than a misnomer.

obama's achievement in afghan warfare until now:

1) under obama u.s/north atlantic treaty organisation (NATO) are now relying more on the ground attacks by foreign troops than on the 4-10 times more deadly air strikes,(which according to them,used to take more lives of the civilians).this is the only remarkable change in the execution of afghan war.
as a result of which, the monthly death toll of afghan civilians have lowered.but it has adversely affected the occupation forces whose lethality has increased by leaps and october 2008,91-97 afghan civilians were killed by u.s/nato force whereas on the other hand 19 of the troops were being killed in the battle field.this ratio has changed over time...& the number has declined to 36-38 for the civilians but at the same time has become 28 for the forces in march 2009.[].thus by reducing air strikes foreign forces kill fewer civilians but in turn they fall prey to thir own methodology in such endeavours.

2) the night time raids (especially),by the foreign forces,& the inhuman atrocities & the indiscriminate killings committed by them during such raids ensures the turning of many civilians into a talib with the want of they now prefer to withstand the forces rather than relying on their 'useless' government and be victimised.for e.g.,on 24january,2009 raid in Laghman in which 22 civilians were killed.Ghazi Gul,an intelligence officer, lost his father,mother,brother,cousins,nephew,nieces.on 18th february Gul told chicago tribune,"If we talk about the americans they are my enemies.And if i can, i will hurt them".

3)after series of DRONE attacks, when one hits the target actually,it does never imply the triumph of the troops over militant as the former have alrady killed thousands of innocent afghans and comes the role of the international forces,under whichfake reports and distorted facts are is reported many times that some number of militants are killed while the fact is they were not the militants but civilians.
thus obama's government is probably giving birth to new generations of talibans in huge numbers...which is more dangerous as the are not tagged by any extrimist label and so cannot be identified easily.they remain admixed into the general crowd (for the loss of their homeground),with exceptional ideas of revenge belied in their mind & soul.

obama's futile efforts:

his persuasionfor european troops and monies has failed miserably in Strasbourg where the recent NATO meetings took place.because europeans cannot envisage any threats from the talibans and so consider this to be exclusively america's affair.

in august,2008 when 12 french soldiers were killed,two-third of french citizens opposed to any french involvement in the afghan conflict.[source: BBC news,19 august,2008].after being alienated from these supports,u.s is left with only 21000 troops combating the talibans,which means nothing in a country where experts estimate that 500000 foreign troops would be necessary for a meaningful battle.

therefore,are the officials in u.s pushing their troops to the fate of fatality,knowingly or unknowingly?are they preparing grounds prone to the more future talibani attacks?what will america gain when the world will turn out to be a hell?

Friday, May 8, 2009

sufferings at the hands of "more to learn" poly-tricks...

what else do we expect from our citizens,who are witnessing repeated or often verbal assault made by the leaders on their opposition parties,other than hurling shoes and slippers at those leaders?what the students will learn if their teachers misbehave infront of them?leaders are the one who are suppose to set norms to raise his countrymen's mental faculties and bring out the best from within them.but here in india those partymen,who goes completely morally deteriorated,especially during the high times of election,use abusive languages,harsh criticism to tarnish their antagonists and those words are staged in the front page,in bold and italics in our daily nationals.children who are motivated by their parents to read newspapers daily in the morning are thus constantly at the threat of cultural degradation.the way kalyan banarjee has recently spewed venom (as is evident from the various excerpts from newspapers) on our C.M Buddhadeb bhattacharjee---the high office holder of the state and has got a severe reply from biman bose which is as vulgar and derogatory as the previous one add couple of more examples to the list of dirty politics.leading politicians like advani,lalu,modi,rahul (& priyanka)and others beside this game of gimmick,unhesitatingly claim for a 'better tomorrow',a healthy india with their 'sarba siksha abhijan' which i think,they must immediately start at their homes (as charity begins at home only) or else should get themselves prepared for more shoes and chappals to be flung at them,symbolising their very owm "Bharat Nirman".will that be more vulgar?