Thursday, June 4, 2009

india's blunder in nepal

I recently came across praful bidwai`s column and is fully convinced that India is going to face some grave consequences for the blunder it has commited in Nepal,which has made it to lose fund of goodwill it has earned in the long process by encouraging reconciliation b/w communist party of Nepal Maoist(CPN-M) and other parties ,by the comprehensive Peace Agreement.
Interference in Nepal`s purely "Internal Affairs" and encouraging the reactionary forces and other Nepal parties to neglect the Prachanda Cabinet `s decision to dismiss Katuwal [which was solely civilian govt.`s democratic prerogative] is regrettable.
What has India gained by alienating a party(and it`s support) that holds 40% of the constituent assembly?
what intelligence has she displayed in backing political forces that are untrustworthy,concervative & largely discredited in the eyes of the people?
If we turn the pages of history we find,that the army chief general Rukmangad Katuwal was a strong supporter of monarchism who believed in "enlightened despotism is preferable to chaotic democracy".Being the son of king mahendra,for years he wrote articles viciously attacking political parties.
During april uprising of Jana Andolan 2006,which was supported by millions of people,Katuwal advocated confrontation &the use of force.
Unfortunately,India`s policy makers are backing against civilian authority and restoring the triumph of force and army over civilian,portraying itself completely unaware of the consequences of assigning excessive powers to the military in pakistan or bangladesh.
On top of it all,the prime minister of a democratic state has the full right to dismiss any army chief & when it comes to nepal,Prachanda has got allegations to charge at Katuwal based on the 3 acts of defiance of civilian authority:-
1> the recruitment of 2000 soldiers in feb,against the govt. approval.
2>extension granted to 8 brigadiers without prior consent.
3>pulling the army out of the national games because the maiost too would participate in them.